Songs Inside The Box, the cigar box guitar documentary
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The Artists
Johnny Lowebow - watercolor by Yuri Ozaki

Songs Inside The Box includes performances and demonstrations by fifteen cigar box guitar musicians and builders. Each one has their own fascinating story which they share in the documentary. We have introductions to each of these amazing people here including links to their websites.

Artists - Page 1
Featuring Shane Speal, Bluesboy Jag, Kirk Withrow, David Williams/One String Willie and Bill Jehle.

Artists - Page 2
Featuring Gerry Thompson & the Color of Skies, Johnny Lowebow, Doctor Oakroot, Tomi-O Hartwell, and Robert Hamilton.

Artists - Page 3
Featuring Philip Eggars, Ben Prestage, Microwave Dave, tiMOTHy Renner, and Leaving Miss Blue.

"I got me a cigar box... and got me a tune out of it. I kept my tune and I played from then on."
Lightnin' Hopkins
Texas Blues Musician

Cigar Box Guitar

Songs Inside The Box
a documentary by Max Shores

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