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Philip Eggars is an instrument builder from Birmingham, Alabama. He had a booth at the Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza to display some of his instruments and one of them caught the eye of Ben Prestage. That's when our cameras caught Ben trying it out and he showed it off on stage later.

Philip makes beautiful guitars, banjos, and hand wound pickups.

Philip's website:

Ben PrestageBen Prestage can make foot stomping music from any stringed instrument. He comes from a musical family in Hobe Sound, Florida and he travels around the US in his RV thrilling audiences at nightclubs and festivals. His music is a mix of blues and bluegrass with a healthy dose of swamp funk thrown in.

You can hear Ben's music on XM Radio and through his CDs, and if you can catch his live one-man-band show you're in for a real treat.

Ben's website:

Microwave DaveMicrowave Dave is an institution in Huntsville, Alabama where his solo shows and performances with Microwave Dave and the Nukes are a welcome part of many events. Dave and the Nukes also travel around the country pleasing crowds at festivals and nightclubs.

When Dave saw Richard Johnston playing a Lowebow cigar box guitar in Memphis, he had to get one of his own and he's been ripping the heads off of audiences with it ever since. He also plays one of Philip Eggars CigTone guitars.

Dave's website:

tiMOTHy RennerWith his cigar box banjo on his knee, tiMOTHy Renner of Glenville, Pennsylvania churns out mournful tunes of death and dying. They're moral songs with religious overtones and they are a long standing tradition in banjo music.

tiMOTHy is actually a cheerful fellow who operates a couple of record labels and performs a variety of musical styles with various ensembles. He's also a visual artist with a particular affinity for moths.

He was drawn into the CBG movement by his friend, Shane Speal, and Shane performs tiMOTHy's song, "Path of Nails" in Songs Inside The Box.

tiMOTHy's website:

Leaving Miss BlueThe guys that make up Leaving Miss Blue all work or have worked at Guitar Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Richard Johnston gave a Lowebow cigar box guitar to Will Martin for a birthday present and it planted a seed that grew into this band. They built a hard-rocking sound around the Lowebow.

They all have other music projects but when Will, Tater, and Andrew get together to play, they rock the house down!

Leaving Miss Blue's MySpace:

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"I got me a cigar box... and got me a tune out of it. I kept my tune and I played from then on."
Lightnin' Hopkins
Texas Blues Musician

Cigar Box Guitar

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