Songs Inside The Box, the cigar box guitar documentary
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Shane Speal at computerSongs Inside The Box documents a unique phenomenon that occurred when the primitive aspects of cigar box guitar making were combined with the use of modern technology like the Internet. Events like the Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza, at which performances in the documentary were recorded, came about because cigar box guitar enthusiasts came together through the Internet. Here are some links connecting the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution:
Following the initial release of Songs Inside The Box, Shane Speal, the self-proclaimed King of the Cigar Box Guitar, declared, "The Cigar Box Guitar Revolution has been won. We are now the CIGAR BOX NATION" and he created a social networking community at This is a growing community connecting people from the original Cigar Box Guitar Forum as well as new members.

"Songs Inside The Box" Facebook Group
Join our Facebook group so you can keep up with where people are seeing the documentary and let us know about your cigar box guitar.

Handmade Music Clubhouse
This online community was founded by Ted Crocker who builds amazing stringed instruments and served as a content consultant for Songs Inside The Box. Handmade Music Clubhouse goes beyond cigar box guitars to include all sorts of fun homemade music.

Scotty's Cigar Box Guitars
This site is an excellent resource that helped fuel the cigar box guitar revolution.

"I got me a cigar box... and got me a tune out of it. I kept my tune and I played from then on."
Lightnin' Hopkins
Texas Blues Musician

Cigar Box Guitar

Songs Inside The Box
a documentary by Max Shores

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